What they're saying about SOAR


"I had the opportunity to participate in the Soar Aerial Dance Aerial Instructor Enhancement Program and found it to be an extremely valuable experience. Gena and Alison have created an amazing program that is lovingly detailed, packed with immense value and filled with helpful insight into developing your teaching craft. They have woven their years of experience and love for not just aerials, but also teaching into the curriculum for a robust and enjoyable training program. They pick up where other training programs fall short, helping to fill in the need-to-knows and need-to-dos that new instructors, or those hoping to be future instructors, can benefit from. I would highly recommend this training to every new aerial and circus teacher looking for helpful tools, support and guidance to help them master their teaching craft with confidence."

Ashley Robinson, FlexyFit.Co


"I appreciate Gena's [Comprehensive] teacher training so much. The format, guided practice, resources, workshops, and homework really pushed me to think more, learn new vocabulary, and expand how and who I teach. Teacher training seriously helped me become a better instructor, feel more confident in my communication, and push to learn more about movement, hyper-mobility, flexibility, skill progression, conditioning, and more. I’m a better instructor for having been in Gena’s program, and my students noticed a positive difference in my teaching style, vocabulary, and confidence once I finished the program. I’m much more able to work with a variety of students, have branched out into teaching kids and teens, and am constantly seeking to learn more. Gena is an incredible instructor, and I am grateful to have been under her guidance as I learn more and grow my classes and skill sets."

Caroline Daniels


“My journey in the Aerial Enhancement Program was incredibly rewarding! The Program provides aerial instructors with tools to grow outside of the usual skill-based knowledge. Each week’s prompt, explained and guided by Gena, includes an often-untouched area to explore. Admittedly, I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit with the exercises, but Gena provided a safe container in which to do so. She did an amazing job leading our group throughout the entire program… and beyond! The weekly Zoom sessions were an integral part of the process, allowing for learning, sharing, and asking questions. Since completing the program, my teaching has shifted in many positive aspects. Most significantly, I feel better equipped to coach with a comprehensive awareness, not just a linear (skill-focused) perspective. I highly recommend this program!”

Susan Anderson



What they're saying Gena's coaching

"It was so wonderful to get to learn from you! I feel like I now have a million fun new pathways and creative ideas to explore."

Nico Bonagura

"Gena is an awesome instructor - She breaks all the moves down, so it’s easy to follow her
instructions. If you forget how to do something, she’s always happy to help, and is always
cheering us on! If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend taking her classes, workshops,
privates - whatever is available. You won’t regret it."

Abigail Ochoa

"I was so aware of my breathing and my arms and chest, and the way my old habit was working against me rather than for me. Literally life changing private. You make a difference! I also practiced slowing it all down and breathing. I couldn't even begin to tell you the difference I felt!

Zoe Sarvis