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Hybrid Training - Online & In-person



Registration opens December 2022

$2,399 (Single Payment)

Payment Options:

3 Payments of $830

5 Payments of $500

If you’re serious about developing your craft and investing the time it takes to become an exceptional instructor, you can find the support you need at every step along that journey with SOAR's Comprehensive teacher training. Through a hybrid model that combines seven days of complete immersion with live, remote sessions in topics ranging from insurance to classroom management, this holistic course is designed to address absolutely everything you’ll need to know to teach a wide range of students in aerial hoop.


This is a hybrid course. 

The first seven days are in person, with about seven hours of hands-on work each day. You will be fully immersed in the curriculum and in training, spotting, cueing, and instructing.

The in-person training takes place during the first month of the course, after which you’ll have an additional five months to complete the remote training material online. All classes, lectures, and modules will take place live over Zoom and are required. In addition, you’ll need to log your practice hours, various homework assignments, and submit three prerecorded class sessions of yours for Gena’s review.


Gena DuBose, SOAR’s creative director, personally developed the curriculum of this course. It progresses from fundamental concepts to intermediate/advanced skills and incorporates Gena’s extensive yoga and Pilates training with a focus on technique, safety, and awareness of the body and how it moves with the apparatus. Throughout the program, you’ll learn to break down and teach more than 70 skills, ranging from fundamentals like mermaid and straddle back to split lever, back balance, Mill circles, and more. Gena will also delve into spin technique and theory, beats, when to introduce those skills, and why a student might use them.


• Live guest lectures on topics including mental health, pre- and postpartum training, rigging, and anatomy

• Detailed warm-up and conditioning background and planning tips

• Class management tips

• Information on how to customize skills for each student and their body type

• Instruction on the business of teaching, including building your resume and biography, getting insurance, marketing, and more

• Personalized support and guidance from Gena


• 2+ years of consistent aerial hoop training at an intermediate or higher level

• Comfort with repeated inversions at different levels on the hoop (bottom bar, top bar, etc.)

• Ability to be in the hoop for hands-on training for 4+ hours at a time

• Intermediate or higher understanding of aerial hoop theory

This is an intensive, physically demanding course. If you are interested in the program but are injured or otherwise unable to get on the apparatus during live training, please contact Gena directly to discuss your situation.


• A computer with reliable Internet access

• Safe rigging that has been installed by a qualified professional

• An appropriate mat

• An aerial hoop

• The Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain

• Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts by Dr. Emily Scherb

• Optional: Hall Rigging Academy online course from Delbert Hall