Owner | Creative Director | Coach

Gena DuBose is a movement artist, aerial hoop coach and the founder of SOAR Aerial Dance.

Aerial arts, specifically Lyra, has been her passion since 2009. Though Gena was never a trained dancer, she has a natural athleticism that she uses to bring her own style of movement and grace to her artistry. She has spent over 10+ years navigating her path of creativity with a focus on physical awareness, movement capabilities, and how they pertain to the human body. Through trainings in STOTT Pilates, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and ACE, she began to apply everything she had learned to her aerial practice, gaining certifications in each one along the way. 

Her work with SOAR focuses on collaborating with professional, and local artists to bridge the gap between recreational and traditional aerial arts.She teaches students how to thrive using creativity and technique, also helping other instructors expand on their own abilities through teacher trainings and mentorships.

She specializes in “Lyra Sequencing," and is the creator of the Aerial Instructor Enhancement Program, a 6-week online course for instructors to learn how to enhance their teaching using creativity and technique. 

When she isn’t choreographing or coaching, you can find Gena sewing and creating unique back warmers for movement artists. 



Coach | Contributor

Alison Foster is a N.C. based dancer and aerialist, specializing in contemporary dance and single point trapeze. A Georgia native, Alison began dancing at the age of 12 and went on to pursue a degree in Dance from The University of Georgia. Upon graduation with a dual degree in Dance (A.B.) and Child and Family Development (B.S.), she began dancing and teaching professionally in the greater Atlanta area. Alison relocated to N.C. in 2013 and has performed with Martha Connerton’s Kinetic Works, 4thrightdance, Caroline Calouche & Co. (CC&Co), THE MARK dance company, Imagine Circus, and Elevate. Alison began her trapeze training in Athens, GA with April Skelton at Canopy Studio and later obtained the majority of her aerial and circus arts training from her time spent as a main company dancer at CC&Co. She currently teaches at Upside Aerial Arts & Fitness in Burlington, NC and Aerial Arts Studio in Belmont, NC. Alison’s main goal is to create and hold safe spaces for folks to explore, express, and belong.